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Art Exposition St Thibery

September 20th, 2010 — 07:14 pm

Art by the Artists of St Thibery

This Exhibition was held in the ancient Tower in the heart of the village:

St Thibery

Art Exposition, Espace Emile Massal, St Thibery

Some of the art at the Exhibition:

Art St Thibery

Art St Thibery

Art Exhibition


Exposition St Thibery

Art St Thibery


Art St Thibery

Art St Thibery

Art Exposition

Art Saint-Thibery

Exhibition St Thibery

Artistes St Thibery

Artistes à St Thibery Exposition, Salle Emile Massal, Parvis de l’Abbatiale, St Thibery.

Artistes dans la Exposition – Artists in the Exhibition:

Gautier Amiel, Nicole Bertrand, Roger Bertrand, Matthieu Calvet, Maryse Caroul Bonnaric, Florence de Martino, Aldo Falciani, Germain Gillet, Barbara Howarth, Danielle Jougla, Brian Keating, Jurgen Kohler, Elin Kohler, Kirsty McCoy, Pierre Nava, Simone Rhul-Galle, Philippe Trepagny, Jean Valero.


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