Snow in May!

The second time in 25 years that there is so much snow in May!…

The inhabitants of the region, assist, since this morning, stunned, with snow falling, east of Lozère Cerdanya through Upper Valley of the Aude…

The weather began to look like winter on the mountains and highlands of Herault and Lozere which have seen the return of snow. According to Meteo France, between 15 and 20 centimeters fell on the massive Aigoual. In the north of Lozere, on the Aubrac and Margeride, snowfall in some places reached between 10 and 13 cm. “This is the second time in 25 years there are more
10 cm of snow in the month of May,” commented Météo France. At the time of this writing firefighters reported no incident.

This sudden change in weather is a surprise. Weather forecasters France Perpignan explain the phenomenon: “We were the last few days on a current from the south which gave temperatures to 28 degrees at Perpignan” explains one specialist. “The tide is turning and we are under an influence which leads north from the cold wind.” Meteorologist speaks of “winter conditions” that could cause disruptions here and there, especially in the mountains where motorists do not necessarily pass – in the middle of May… As strong winds were announced Météo France said “we had worse,” although caution was advised, a gust can still cause damage.


This morning, at Cabarétou (Hérault), jackets and hats were recommended. Even mandatory. And for good reason, a layer of 5 cm of snow had covered everything from 6-700 m and the thermometer showed temperatures significantly negative. Travel was not easy, especially for the many trucks that daily, take the DR 907 to transport the sparkling water of La Salvetat-sur-Agout. Snow was on all the mountains of Somail, Lacaune and Espinouse.

Under the violent gusts of a northwest wind, tree branches, leaves have been broken. Further down the St. Ponais, heavy rain had replaced the snowflakes.


The Department P.-O. is placed today until tomorrow night Wednesday in orange alert for strong winds while Meteo France announces snow from 700 m. From yesterday, it snowed on the high parts of Cerdanya. The snowfall also announced for today in the east of the Lozere.

Winter is back. The snow fell yesterday on the high cantons P.-O. – About twenty centimeters Cerdanya – and today, the department will be placed in orange alert. The snow could fall at 700 m altitude, Meteo France also issues a warning for high winds: the north wind, particularly on the coast, may reach up to 130 km / h.

Side roads, N.116 Fontpédrouse and Col Puymorens are temporarily closed. Access Tunnel Puymoresn, it is very difficult. In Cerdanya, always, the school buses have not been interrupted, but poor road conditions lead to considerable delays.
In the area of Port-Vendres, the train traffic suffers from the weather, a catenary having been torn off by a gust of north wind.

The electric supply is not spared and in particular in Prats de Mollo where the medium voltage line has fallen, causing power outages throughout the area. Blackouts occured late morning in Upper Vallespir, including at Lamanère, Serralognue, and Port-Vendres, where teams ERDF were activated to restore electricity as quickly as possible. At Cerberus there were two notable closures: the railway station and the town’s school whose roof was damaged by a falling tree…


Snow disrupts traffic in Lozere, since last night. The snow is present in significant quantities in the north-eastern department of Mount Lozere Margeride, with heights of 10-15 cm. Some motorists were stranded at times, eagerly awaiting a snowplow.
The movement is slow on the RN 88 between Langogne and Mende, several trucks and camper stopped because of the snow, slowing the work of snowplow. On the network side, Margerdie and the foothills of the Aubrac, the caution is urged.


On orange alert since yesterday 16 am until 22 pm Wednesday night because of wind gusts of up to 130 km / h, Aude had an amazing episode with this morning’s weather. At 11 h 15 flakes of snow fell on Carcassonne. Extremely rare situation caused by a temperature of 2.5 degrees under shelter. In the morning, gales to 110 km / h have been recorded on the coast, in Leucate, while the snow was already 10 cm in Upper Valley, to Belcaire.
In Limoux, residents found a little snow had fallen during the night, which gradually changed to rain around 7:30. In Port-la-Nouvelle, a storm warning has been issued for ships in the early evening.

Auvergne and Ardeche

Snowfall this morning on the Auvergne and Ardeche hills has disrupted traffic, but Meteo France considers that this last winter offensive is “not unusual”.

In Auvergne, which connects the A75 Clermont-Ferrand to Montpellier is partially closed at the neck of Fageolle (Cantal), which peaks at 1,100 meters above sea level, says the regional coordination center road (CRICR). Snow removal is underway, and traffic is one lane in both directions. “These rains happen while most individuals have removed their snow tires, which makes driving dangerous,” said an officer CRICR.

In Haute Loire, there are up to 15 cm of snow and many trucks are blocked. “We had not had such large and continuous fall in May since 2005,” said Michel Bernard, head of highway management in the General Council of the Haute Loire, where further falls are expected in the evening of Wednesday to Thursday.

In Ardèche, snow fell in Annonay and at Escrinet (787 meters)… “We had a very dry April and rather warm, especially at the end, so one might think that winter was over. But it is not unusual for a final appearance at this time of year,” recalled Peter Bouzeran, forecaster with Meteo France.

Report from – Nathalie BALSAN-Duverneuil (with AFP and agencies) Midi Libre.


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