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France is famous for many great things – one of these is cheese!

The France Cheese Map …

France Cheese

There are approx 400 distinct types of French cheese grouped into eight categories ‘les huit familles de fromage’. There can be many varieties within each type of cheese, leading some to claim that there are over a thousand types of French cheese!

56 cheeses are classified as “Appellation d’origine contrôlée (AOC)”. Some are also have the “Label Régional (LR)”. A few French cheeses are classed with the EU “Protected Geographic Indication (PGI)”.

Ten of the most popular types of French cheese and where they are made:

1. Camembert (AOC) – Normandy.
2. Brie de Meaux (AOC) – Ile-de-France.
3. Roquefort (AOC) – Midi-Pyrénées.
4. Boursin – Normandy.
5. Reblochon (AOC) – Savoie.
6. Munster (AOC) – Alsace and Vosges in Lorraine.
7. Pont l’Évêque (AOC) – Normandy
8. Époisses (AOC) – Bourgogne
9. Chèvre
10.Tomme de Savoie (AOC) – Savoie

See some photos of these cheese favourites below:

So just say Cheese!